The Ideas the Scare Us


I'm coming to the end of my Jim Ross project and, as usually happens, I have a couple of stories tapping my brain vying to be 'next.' One is a story that I'm passionate about and can more-than-likely get the backing to put out into the world.

The other is an idea that has been percolating for a long time; is waaaaayyyyyy more of a longshot in terms of selling it--and I have no idea who might be interested in seeing/reading it. It's also outside my comfort zone, I have no idea how to write it yet, and I'm not even sure in what form I want to write it in. But... it's going to be the idea I try to corral into a story, next. It's the long shot, the one with no guarantees, no money or publisher/producer/agent attached. It's the one that scares me a little.

After 20 years of writing plays, books, movies, songs and TV pilots, I'm in a good/unfamiliar position where I know if I write something now, the 'right industry people' will at least read it. In some circumstances, I have outright offers on the table for projects to write next--but this story is the one that's haunting me.

Now, I like getting paid to write. In some cases, I love getting paid to write. But what I adore most about writing is telling a story. That's why I wrote my first stories when I was a child, that's why I continued to write when no majors breaks were coming my way as an adult. (Which of course, was the problem in-and-of-itself. No breaks come anyone's way. Things began to change for me when I started to think bigger and hustle for my breaks.) 

Now, this idea might a brief affair, where it's all sizzle cause it's new, and then it fades off into something that couldn't sustain. I've been walking around the outline of it for months, taking notes, and figuring out the reasons for it all to exist. I've been talking the ears off my wife with the, "and then this happens because..." rants at eight in the morning and ten at night. I've been researching, planning, panicking, visualising, writing, deleting, wondering, giving up and moving on. I've been doing all the writerly things that I do that don't yet involve any serious writing. 

I think I've been dating my idea. And if I have we've been getting on well and I'd like to spend more time with her/it. Lots more time.

So, let's see where this one goes. A couple more days of edits on JR's book and then I'll be free to find out.