Slobberknocker Sequel

So I met JR in Limerick; he invited me on stage for his show there; we sat down after and as easy as 1-2-3 we made a deal for me to co-write the follow up to his muti-time, multi-market, multi-category bestselling book, Slobberknocker. 

JR was generous in the deal and wanted it to be known that he had no interest in writing a follow-up unless I was onboard. (I tell my wife this often when she wants to watch 13 Reasons Why and I want to watch Ninja Warrior. "Do you know that Jim Motherf*%£ing Ross said he wouldn't even write a book without me?"

Doesn't matter I can watch stuff on my iPad.)

I'm nervous like I was starting the first book because I literally have someone else's life 'in my hands.' It's one thing for a writer to begin a project with fictional intent and all the safety nets that can come with that - but it's another thing entirely to map out someone's real life with all the triumphs and genuine heartbreak that can entail.

And the thing about Jim Ross is: his life is full of triumph, challenges, heartbreak, and rebirth. Like a lot of people who follow that 'impossible' dream, he's been kicked in the face, denied, humiliated, all while being ultimately successful. Apart from the human aspect, a story like Jim's is a writer's dream, he has lived a life of extreme wins and loses - all of which we can't wait to craft into sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters, and sections for this sequel.

Word by word, we want to build another book that captures the reader's attention like Slobberknocker has been lucky enough to do.

Now I'm off to make dinner cause I never know how to finish a blog post.

Ok, bye. 


Paul O'Brien