Hollywood, Days 1 - 3

Well, we’ve arrived. Not in the ‘made it’ sense, but in the physical sense. My wife and I have been in West Hollywood for 3 days now and absolutely love it here. I feel a little like Uncle Travelling Matt from Fragle Rock writing this but: the cars here are faster than at home and the cashiers are slower. The people are friendly and the burning sun hates my pale Irish skin.

The meetings have been great too.


On the book end of things, I got to nail down my next writing gig, and open up some more doors to future work too. It was an easy, friendly affair and I left the meeting itching to get started.  

On the script side of things I have a meeting next week where I get to pitch for the first time at one of the major studios. This opportunity has me veering between acting cool and being totally in awe. Like most people I grew up loving movies - especially American movies - but being from a small town in Ireland, before ‘cheap’ air travel and internet, before FaceTiming and emailing, made Hollywood seemed a literal world away. And yet here I am. In it. Interacting with it. Meeting with it.  

And loving it. 


To some on the rungs above me, pitching mightn’t be a huge deal, and to those on the rungs below it is. To me it’s exactly where I want to be and doing exactly what I want to do. I see the opportunity to walk onto a lot as a privilege; something millions would like to do, but don’t get a chance - or make their chance - for one reason or another. I try to keep myself half way between the romance of it all, and the business of it all. I need equal parts of each to keep pushing forward, without a manager, agent or lawyer. 

I have a bedroom office in Ireland, from there I make work for myself; make contacts for future work and write and hustle to keep the momentum going. The last few years have been amazing but this trip confirms for me that it’s only getting started.  

Time to come in out of the sun, close my apartment door and get to work.  

Check back in soon.